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Wellesley Girl
By Brendan Pelsue.
Directed by James Fleming
January 15-February 5th, 2022

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It is  2465. American Politics hasn't changed much. Except that "America" is now only a handful of New England towns in a walled-in citadel due to a global environmental disaster. The population is so small that everyone is a member of Congress. An unidentified army has encamped at the border. All members of Congress must move beyond personal agendas and petty bickering and decide the nation's fate. And it is snowing. 


​This is a play about politics, and like politics, it's funny until it suddenly isn't.

Deanna Reed-Foster - HS.jpg
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Deanna Reed-Foster
Denise Hoeflich
Allyce Carryn Torres HS.JPG
Allyce Torres
Todd Wojcik
Brandon Boler.jpg
Brandon Boler
Darren Jones
Noah Villarreal
Ted James

Grant Lewis

Marie.         Allyce Torres

Max.           Brandon Boler

Garth.        Denise Hoeflich

Hank.        Ted James

Scott.        Tod Wojcik 

RJ.             Darren Jones

Donna      Deanna Reed-Foster

Mick.        Grant Lewis

Donny.     Noah Villarreal


U/S Max       Faiz Siddique

U/S Scott     Thomas Tong

U/S RJ.         Eric Roberts

U/S Garth    Caroline Kidwell

U/S Hank    John dooley

U/S Donna  Noelle Klyce

U/S Marie   Maria Clara Ospina

Director James Fleming talks about Wellesley Girl 

Production Team

Director                                 James Fleming

Technical Director             Evan Sposato

Stage Manager                  Caitlin Body

Costumes                           Rachel Sypniewski

Scenic Design                    Sotirios Livaditis

Lighting Design                  Cat Davis

Sound Design                     Stefanie M. Senior

Production Manager         Robert Salazar

Assistant Stage Manager  Sunniva Holmulund

Property Design                 Bren Coombs

Associate Director.             Isabel Brodsky

Covid Safety Manager.      Sunniva Holmulund

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In The Press

"Wellesley Girl" is one incredibly dystopian piece of political theater" - New City Stage 

“Wellesley Girl” is "a sharp 90 plus minutes of seeing what could happen to our world” and "an interesting work that will have you thinking about where are are today and what we might do to make sure we head in the right direction.”- 

Hear the Wellesley Girl Artists talk about their experiences 
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